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Roses de Charme

Mon catalogue de roses anciennes

Etablissements horticoles Yves Dupouy et fils

Etablissements horticoles Y. Dupouy & FilsL'établissement horticole de Yves et Harold Dupouy est spécialisé depuis 1967 dans la production de roses. Venez découvrir pour le plaisir des yeux, les 23 variétés de roses qu'ils vous proposent.

Meilland - Création

Création et Sélection L équipe de recherche de Meilland avec de gauche à droite : Serge Gudin (roses de serres), Alain Meilland, Michèle Richardier, Jacques Mouchotte (rosiers de Jardin), établit chaque année les programmes de croisements à partir..

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American Rose Society

Offers details about nearby societies, an Ask the Experts column, and FAQs. Includes a Rose of the Month, with buying details.

Heirloom Old Garden Roses 1997 Catalog Reviewed

Rose growers with a message produce a catalog that's well worth $5. But try out the roses, too!

Bridges Miniature Roses - Bridges Roses 2734 Toney Road Lawndale, NC 28090-9497 Ph (704) 538-9412 Fx (704) 538-1521 Email ORDER NOW!!!New Secure Online Shopping from our Catalog Pages NEW !!! SPECIALTY ROSE

Bridges Roses 2734 Toney Road Lawndale, NC 28090-9497 Ph (704) 538-9412 Fx (704) 538-1521 Email ORDER NOW!!!New Secure Online Shopping from our Catalog Pages NEW !!! SPECIALTY ROSE

Peter Beales Roses - Homepage

Peter Beales Roses - Home Page...

Brentwood Bay Nurseries Rose T.O.C.

This is a list of roses we currently have in stock. If there is a variety you would like, but donÆt see, please ask. It may be that we have it in too small a quantity to list.

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Garden Pages - Roses

Learn how to grow roses organically. Includes areas on planting, fertilizing, watering, bugs, pruning, and winter protection.


Not heaps of advice but what's there is good, and it comes from a rose lover. Big set of annotated links.

Future Shopper's Golden Roses

has long been a symbol of love and beauty. It has been immortalized in the art and literature of many cultures. It is, to the flower world, what gold is to the realm of precious

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HelpMeFind - Roses

A plant database listing over 20,500 roses with over 23,000 references

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Roses and Rose Lovers: The Rosarian

Roses and Rose Lovers: The Rosarian á W elcome to The Rosarian, a site devoted to roses and the gardeners who cultivate them. This site offers a compendium of the various resources at GardenWeb related to roses. If you'd like to hear about updates b

Harkness Roses - the home for online ordering of roses

Not all Roses can be shipped to all regions - when choosing a rose you will find shipping instructions. ...

Spring Valley Roses Nursery and Gardens

Spring Valley Roses Web site and on-line catalog of winter hardy roses

Texas Rose Rustlers

Organization dedicated to the collection and propagation of old roses.

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Timeless Roses. Comprehensive source for garden roses, modern roses, antique roses, old roses, david austin roses, and aars roses.

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