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Send long stemmed roses to that special someone. Decide if they should be boxed or in a vase, and then check out the guarantee.

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Order roses, flowers, green plants and gift baskets from this online florist.

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Great American Rose Co.

Select from some beautiful arrangements of roses, available in three sizes. With care and handling instructions.

Freeze Dried Flowers & Roses by Lilac Rose

A Unique Collection of Freeze-Dried Flowers & Roses, Free List of Flowers & Prices, Kiln Dried Florals, Dried Flowers, Pressed Flowers, Preserved Greenery & Moth Traps

1-800-757-ROSEs Direct From The Grower

Monterey Rose-Premuim Long Stem Roses freshly cut from our greenhouses delivered direct to your door step. Next day delivery of flowers Nationwide, direct from the grower. Perfect for any occasion such as an Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Annive

Roses.Com Flowers

Send roses and flowers anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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Welcome To Roses Inc. Homepage

RosesInc., is an international trade association representing firms and individualswho have an interest in the production and/or marketing of fresh cut roses. Membershipsinclude:

Roses Online (Rumwood Nurseries)

Catalogue of roses available online and mail order from nursery in Maidstone, Kent.

Send Fresh Cut Roses or Other Flowers.

Order farm fresh roses or other flowers....

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